Awards of the Chaplain Foundation


Serving the State of Oklahoma Law Enforcement Officers, families and victims

It is our mission to educate the Public as to what we do and the many “hats” that we wear.

Amber Alerts: Now a National established program was started by two of our Oklahoma City Police Chaplains, Greg Giltner and Charles Phillips. In 1999, the Oklahoma Chief of Police working with Jim Fox of Midwest City Police Chief working with then Governor Frank Keating asked that the Chaplains establish a program for Oklahoma based on the pilot that started in Arlington, Texas. Oklahoma was the first state wide program in existence and every state in the Union, (50 states) have modeled their program after Oklahoma.


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Officer Kelley Chase: Responded to the event at the hospital, worked with his wife and family members, purchased a ticket for the Mother-in-law to fly from Belgium to U.S. on emergency basis, one of our Chaplains, without hesitation, put it on his personal credit card (Cost $1856). Money was raised for his wife, worked with Human Resources on benefits for her and the children, handled the service.

Officer Chad Peery: Fund raising and benefits to the family as needed.

Matt Grice: Police Officer/Family. Fund raiser at the church, cook and provided assistance with counseling as needed. 

Oklahoma City Bombing: Alfred P. Hurrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, April 1995, leaving 168 people dead and hundreds more injured. Our Chaplains were on site and available as long as needed working with FBI, OBN and other agencies.

Jan Peery, YWCA Executive Director. Received and delivered from the Jewish Synod in California, several hundred up-scales, new, clothing articles for young women to wear to job interviews. Donated a new bed to the center for the newly completed housing for abused women/children.


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OSPOA - Oklahoma Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association with a  membership of over 500 Officers across the state of Oklahoma. Sponsored a Human Trafficking seminar in 2013, free to any Officer that wanted to attend to increase the awareness of the effect on Oklahoma and our Children.

The Moore Tornado - May 2013. Total of 25 days on-site, plus many hours/days to include follow up work with police officers, victims and other nonprofits. Provided food and other basic needs for victims and officers. 

Bibles for new born & children. We also provided one for each new arrival. ASIA Athletic shoes/clothing donation. Provided two semi-truck load pallets full of shoes and clothing. Gave all to low income children affected by the tornado and others in need.
In Moore, four new chainsaws were donated to officers for use during the tornado. Also, 400 Backpacks filled with books, bibles, shirts, shorts and toiletry kits appropriate to boys and girls by age. They were distributed to the Gang prevention unit, OBN, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, Care Center, (children’s sexual abuse center at OU Children’s Hospital), and Victims units for OKCPD. Donations were also made by Hobby Lobby, Mid-First Bank and Westminster Church.

Two Pianos were received and donated to other non profits.
Children’s Books and Bibles were donated and over 1,000 books to low income groups to read to children, (Whiz Kids and others) all for children under the age of 12, donated by the 1897 group.

Antioch Church - Several pickup loads of dog and cat food was donated by Antioch Church and delivered by our Chaplains, no cost, to no-kill non profits that work with lost dogs from the tornado. 


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OBN - Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics drove to Tulsa and worked with Dayspring Villa where we were given over 100 backpacks for undercover officers, delivered & distributed to OBN Officers in Oklahoma City to help officers across the State.

The Victims Unit - OKCPD received a donation from Lowe’s for soft toys that were delivered for use by low income victims, approximately 50 of each beanie babies were delivered.

The Care Center and Children Sexual/Abuse program -  Chaplains secured a new playground and worked on the main office, provided by Lowe’s at no cost for material/labor or installation.

The Care Center provides counseling for girls from ages 2 to 14 who are sexually abused. We have provided books, toys and clothing. At this time we are working on a free playground and work on the building from Lowe’s  as well as a builder that is offering assistance as well. Chaplain Clyde Caldwell is participating in a grant for $100,000 that will go to the Care Center if approved, date is in May of 2015.

ST. LUKES CHURCH- who works with children after school providing assistance on grants, toys and books. Chaplain Clyde Caldwell is writing the grant for to establish grant application.

HOMELESS ALLIANCE - providing a free home to be remodeled and a riding mower.

DAYSPRING VILLA - providing assistance and delivering over 200 backpacks to OBN - Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics. Traveling to Tulsa and delivering them to OKC office.

OCCC COUNCIL OF CHURCHES -  interfacing and working to be part of the Emergency Team if and when Oklahoma has another tragedy.

UNITED WAY - making application to become part of the donation process.

WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH - who provide over 400 backpacks that were delivered across the city of the Oklahoma City Police Department for officers to carry in their units. The backpacks cost was well over $45 total but all were donated to The Chaplain's Foundation at no charge.

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