Duties of a Chaplain


Many are unaware of the many duties performed by a Chaplain.

Law Enforcement Chaplains serve in local, county, state and federal agencies and provide a variety of important services within the law enforcement community. They should not be confused with (Hospital Chaplains). Nor should they be confused with Prison Chaplains, whose primary ministry is to those who are incarcerated either awaiting trial or after conviction.

Their role deals primarily with Law Enforcement personnel and agencies, (and occasionally, victims of crimes, accidents and disasters)

The role of the Law Enforcement Chaplain is to be the “balance” providing support for the police officer in their time of need, providing appropriate assistance, advice, comfort, council and referrals to those who may request support.

A Law Enforcement Police Chaplain must have a passionate interest, specialized training in pastoral care with an understanding of the dangerous world of law enforcement. The OLECF will provide services free from all forms of unlawful discrimination based on race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age; disabilities (i.e., physical, mental illness and substance abuse), economic or educational status, religion and national origin, or on the basis of immigration status.

Duties include:

Notification of any suicide, death or serious injury, offering post suicide or homicide care. Visiting with sick or injured members at home or hospital hospital, funeral home, line-up, roll-call, ride-along, death notification, homicide, accident, drowning & last rites.

Chaplains are often called on for special events to recognize the value and importance of our officers. We attend, but are not limited to prayers, memorials, awards, weddings, funerals, Headquarter and badge blessings.

Assisting with specialized teams, crises response, bomb squad, k-9, honor guard, swat/tact team.

Offer domestic violence and Human Trafficking assistance

Respond to stress or family cases

Offering prayers at special occasions, award ceremonies, recruit graduations, building dedications annual chief of police breakfast, academy new recruits, special chaplains merit awards

Act as liaison with local ministerial associations on matters pertaining to the moral, spiritual and religious welfare or police personnel

Departmental support to Dispatch, briefing prayers, officiate weddings, funerals, invocations, dispatch, 911 (417-8282) 

We are aware of the stress and offer our services anytime request and visit the center on a regular basis.


Provide critical incident stress management and grief counseling

During natural disasters assist in the coordination of efforts and resource of the community, religious family, the city and community.

A disaster team has been established, where the Sheriff has provided a trailer available for headquarter operation including Hobby Lobby of Oklahoma, Sheriffs Department, Express Personnel and Oklahoma City Police Department.