Where does your your Donation go?


Where does your Donated money go?

There are ways to help the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Chaplains Foundation. Your Law Enforcement volunteers receive no financial support, including but not limited to training time and expenses for travel, counseling materials from any public agency or municipality while serving the emergency responders of all the State of Oklahoma. Law Enforcement Chaplains rely on your donations and contributions. Supporting your Oklahoma Law Enforcement Chaplains is a cost-effective way to give the Police, Dispatchers, Fire and Emergency Medical Technicians and their families much needed and comprehensive emotional and spiritual support after their hourly work responding to critical incidents during the performance of their duties and responsibilities as emergency responders. 

Mail donation to:  

Spirit Law Enforcement Chaplains Foundation

Quail Creek Bank Attention: Erin D. Batey - Senior Vice President

P.O. Box 20160

Oklahoma City, OK 73156


police chaplain badge


The role of the Police Chaplain is to be the “balance” providing support for the police officer in their time of need, providing appropriate assistance, advice, comfort, council and referrals to those who may request support.


police chaplain


A Police Chaplain must have a passionate interest, specialized training in pastoral care with an understanding of the dangerous world of law enforcement. We offer our service to all people regardless of religion, race, and gender without any discrimination.